Man Flu: Is It Real Or Men Exaggerate?

Man Flu: Is It Real Or Men Exaggerate? We all know that when a man has flu, he gets reduced to a 5 year old. Henceforth the term Man flu came about. This is a phrase that refers to the idea that men, when they have a common cold, experience and self-report symptoms of greater severity, akin to those experienced during the flu. Is it real though?

It continues to be an ongoing debate though whether is a real thing or not. Some people agree that yes, flu hits men more than women, whereas others feel men just exaggerate for attention.The following points are just some of the findings from scientists regarding the ‘condition’.

  1. Despite the universally high incidence and prevalence of viral respiratory illnesses, no scientific review has examined whether the term man flu is appropriate or accurate.
  2. Adult men have a higher risk of hospital admission and have higher rates of influenza associated deaths compared with women in the same age groups, regardless of underlying disease.
  3. women have improved responses to flu vaccination and have lower rates of flu-related hospitalisation and death.
  4. For many acute respiratory diseases, males are also more susceptible to complications and exhibit a higher mortality.

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