10 Tips To Keeping Warm During The Cold Front

10 Tips To Keeping Warm During The Cold Front. The temperatures have dropped in most parts of the country. It is winter after all, henceforth many have been anticipating these temperatures. No one can get used to the cold though. The following tips can help you keep warm, amidst the cold front.

1. Warm Yourself First

It’s easier to change your body temperature than room temperature, not to mention more eco-friendly. Instead of turning up the heat, put on another layer of clothing.

2. Wear a Hat To Keep In Body Heat

Find a knit or wool hat that fits over your ears to prevent any body heat from escaping through your head. For extra warmth, wear hats with a fur or synthetic fur lining. Keep hats on when you go outdoors.

3. Stay Cozy Underneath Blankets

Find a fleece or wool blanket to lie under when you’re lounging around. Even covering up just a part of your body will help raise your body heat. When you’re sleeping, keep the blanket on top of your sheets to add a bit of extra warmth.

4. Eat Foods That Help You Keep Warm

Eating healthfully in the winter is important to fend off colds and the flu, bonus point is that it might help keep you warm too. Eating extra healthy fats during the winter can help rev up metabolism, which in turn heats the body.

5. Invest In A Heater

Space heaters are a great way to add extra heat to colder rooms, but always remember to keep anything flammable at least three feet away from the heater at all times. Also remember to place the heater on a hard, non-flammable, stable surface and to turn it off completely before leaving the house.

6. Keep The Cold Out

As much as you heat up the house, make sure no cold air comes inside. Close doors and windows if necessary. Also use a keyhole cover to block draughts. Buy thermal linings for curtains to keep the heat in.

7. Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Run your bath or shower to the hottest temperature you can handle. Spend 10-30 minutes just relaxing in the water to bring your core temperature up. Not only does a hot bath or shower make you warm, but it also adds moisture to the air to help keep your skin from drying out

8. Limit The Time You Go Outdoors

If you’re too cold, avoid going outside unless you absolutely have to. When you do go outside, walk quickly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the cold. Stay in the sun while you are outside to naturally stay warm.

9. Stay Active

Keep as active as possible to boost your circulation. Move around at least once an hour and avoid sitting still for long periods. Even light exercise will help keep you warm. When you do sit down, put your feet up as it’s coldest nearest the ground.

10. Avoid Alcohol

This might not sit well with many. No matter how much you love your drink, avoid drinking alcohol before going, or when, outside. It makes you feel warm because blood vessels in the skin expand, but this draws heat away from your vital organs.

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