5 Effective Tips To Make Your Cornrows Last Longer

5 Effective Tips To Make Your Cornrows Last Longer. With winter here, protective hairstyles are the in thing. Cornrows are among the most common, but sadly we can’t wear them for long. The following tips will help you have healthy cornrows that last longer and most importantly limit as much damage as possible to our beautiful natural hair.

1. Choose A Good Stylist

Ensure your cornrows are done by someone who has experience in cornrows. Some stylists have hands that are quite painful; avoid them as they make tight cornrows, which are likely to pull the hair out from the roots, mostly around the edges.

2. Keep Your Scalp Moist

Do this at least two to three times a week, using a leave-in conditioner. This will help prevent your hair from drying out and eventually breaking. Water is the best thing for your hair, so make sure to spritz your hair every morning with a water-based solution with natural oils such as coconut oil or almond oil.

3. Avoid Washing

Avoid washing your hair while it is cornrowed as this makes them get spoilt fast. If you must wash, wear a net cap before shampooing. Thoroughly wet the hair through the net. Get a mild shampoo; put a small amount on the palms and press all over the head pressing the shampoo in as much as possible.

4. Go Satin

You need a satin pillowcase or cap to protect the hair’s moisture level. It safeguards against moisture stripping. Cotton pillows will most likely soak up your hair’s moisture, leaving you with split ends and thinning hair. Wrapping your head before you go to bed will avoid frizz and breakage.

5. Don’t Stay With Cornrows For Too Long

Protective styling is meant to be short-term. You should never keep braids for a longer period. If you do, your new growth will stretch and damage and eventually break. Keeping your cornrows for longer than a month will likely leave you with hair loss.

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