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Watch As Moonchild Sanelly Puts Bitter Legends In Their Place

Watch As Moonchild Sanelly Puts Bitter Legends In Their Place. The entertainment industry is a do eat dog affair. From established influencers to newcomers, everyone is fighting for a better slice of the cake. On this issue, Moonchild Sanelly took up what she labels as bitter legends, giving them a word or two.

The Walk ye Phara star feels some legends are bitter about newcomers, and making life difficult for them. “Bitter legends are boring!!! Such a sad situation when all we do is work very hard! Then they complain about every new comer (according to them) not making real music! What the fuck?! Legends I know are humble & embrace us! Get out of here with ur disrespect expecting respect!”

Who ever rubbed her off the wrong way must be regretting. Or maybe this is a general observation not aimed at a particular individual. Whatever the case, she has put her point across.

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