10 Benefits Of Being An Au Pair

10 Benefits Of Being An Au Pair. Au Pair is a cultural exchange that helps you discover another culture while living with a Host Family. As an Au Pair you will get a room, regular meals and some amount of pocket money in exchange for childcare help and some light housework. Here are more benefits if you want to be part of the program.

1. Improve Your English

Since English is not the first language for most of us, most of us do not become fluent in it. When you are abroad, you quickly become fluent as you speak English every day.

2. Educational Opportunities

As an Au pair, you will take classes of your choice at a local university or college. Your host family will contribute a certain amount per year towards your studies.

3. Travel And Explore The World

This is one way to travel abroad and see the other side of the world. While still deciding about your future and career path, why not Au pair! The opportunities are endless!

4. Become More Independent

As an Au pair, you are far from your family and caregivers. This is one way of being independent, yet still remain under care of someone. Open yourself to new opportunities and experiences.

5. Make New Friends

There might be nothing wrong with the friends you have, but the more the merrier. You will meet Americans, other Au pairs, and bond with your host family. Imagine having friends across the globe!

6. Learn A New Culture

As an Au pair, you will get to appreciate different cultures. This is your opportunity to break free from the stereotypes. Discover American culture and share your own.

7. Gain International Work Experience

Many organizations prefer people with an international experience. Good foreign language skills, intercultural competence and international experience look great on any CV . Improve your CV and future career prospects.

8. Find Yourself

Spending time as an Au pair is a terrific way to find out more what you’d like to do with your life. Before you go to university or during a gap year in your studies, the Au pair experience can offer very special benefits. You gain a unique set of experiences and can discover more about your own wishes and about yourself.

9. Live Abroad Cheaply

Being a foreigner can be expensive. The Au pair program lets you stay abroad cheaply. You don’t have to deal with the heavy paperwork of staying in a foreign country, not forgetting paying the hefty fees. There is also pocket money for you.

10. Extended Stay Abroad

After your first year together, you and your host can agree to extend the program for up to 6, 9 or 12 months, providing up to two years of continuous care.

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