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Nhlanhla Nciza Reflects On Her Life As She Turns 41

Nhlanhla Nciza Reflects On Her Life As She Turns 41. It has been 41 years of nothing but an amazing ride. Although she looks way younger Nhlanhla Nciza is celebrating her 41st birthday. The lead singer of Mafikizolo and fashion designer wrote a heartfelt note summarizing her life and thanking her God.

They say life begins at 40, this means since last year, Nhlanhla has had a great life. She however notes that she is more nervous than excited this time around. “Last year I was so excited to have turned 40 but this year I’m nervous Lord, I’m nervous about turning 41,” she said.

This has nothing to do with her aging. It has everything to do with how positively her life has been through out the years. “Could the fact that I woke up Alive and healthy be the reason? Or could it be that at my age you made every dream of mine that I can think of possible? Could it be because you answer each and every one of my prayers father? Oh maybe like my name Nonhlanhla I have been and still am the luckiest woman alive. I don’t know what makes me so nervous about turning 41 this year,” Nhlanhla continued.

The singer also shared fabulous pictures of her party, and we are here for her youthful glow!

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