10 Tricks For Eating Without Gaining

10 Tricks For Eating Without Gaining. We all have those friends who seem to eat whatever they want without gaining weight. You can be one of them too. The trick is to have smart eating habits that can help you burn more calories.

1. Eat When You’re Hungry

Listen to your body. Hunger works by telling you to eat. Simply nourish your body by eating when you feel the hunger notification, before you get ravenous. Waiting until you’re extremely hungry may lead you to overeat.

2. Stop Eating When Full

Get in touch with the feeling that tells you to stop. How often have you continued shoving food in your mouth despite having had to unbutton your pants

3. Slow Down Your Eating Rate

Slow your roll. One method is to divide what’s on your plate in two. Eat half. If you’re still hungry 20 minutes later, come back and eat another half of what’s on your plate. You may find that you’re already sated, however.

4. Put Treats In Small Bowls

One scoop of ice cream looks so small in a cereal bowl that you’re bound to be left wanting more. But in a tiny prep bowl, a scoop looks pretty generous!  Use smaller bowls, plates, and even spoons when eating a treat, so that your eyes help to trick your mouth.

5. Fill Up on Low Calories

Fill up on foods that are rich in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy foods and lean protein, such as poultry, seafood and beans. These foods may help save calories, too. It’s not the number of calories in food that keep you full, but the volume of food you eat.

6. Eat Healthy Treats

Cheese instead of Cheetos, dark chocolate instead of a Snickers bar, dried dates instead of chewy candy. These more natural indulgences may not have fewer calories, but at least they are real food. They don’t have artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and poor quality ingredients that were made in a lab.

7. Don’t Eat Your Feelings

Food makes us happy. It’s supposed to. That said, eating shouldn’t be a sole source of comfort. If you think that’s why you eat more than you need, do some things that bring you joy. Take a hot shower, watch your favorite TV, or anything that can make you happy.

8. Make Junk Food Yourself

There is nothing wrong with eating sweets, fried foods, pastries, every now and then, but food manufacturers have made eating these hard-to-make treats so cheap and easy that we’re eating them every day. If you made all the french fries you ate, you would eat them much less often, if only because they’re so much work.

9. Exercise to Allow for Extras

Burn calories with exercise to create room for your favorite treats. The number of calories you burn depends on the activity, the duration of that activity, and on your current weight. You can also give your metabolism a little boost with strength training, because muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat.

10. Learn From Your Food

Once you start realizing how food actually tastes and how your body feels when you eat, you’ll also start noticing that some foods make you feel better than others. Keep a food diary to help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

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