10 Telling Signs You Are An Alcoholic

10 Telling Signs You Are An Alcoholic. There is a thin line between casual drinking an alcoholism. Many people have fallen into the trap of alcoholism unaware. Peer pressure and bad habits have let many people go astray. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, it is important for you to seek help today

1. No Limit

Drinking more than you intended to is a sign of alcohol abuse. Drinking until you literally can’t drink anymore is a sign of alcoholism. Those in control of their drinking are able to set limits and not exceed them. Alcoholics are literally incapable of adhering to such limits. If you find yourself constantly craving another drink, regardless of intoxication level, check yourself.

2. Drinking Everyday

If you drink alcohol on a daily basis, chances are you’re an alcoholic. Even a couple of beers, if consumed every night, is at least a warning sign if not alcoholic behavior. Nobody should consume alcohol every day – not even that fabled glass of red wine.

3. Appearance Change

Drinking excessively can make you neglect your outward appearance. If you are falling behind on your hygiene because of drinking, or if you find your appearance becoming shoddy due to drinking, you may just want to stop drinking. This is a sign of alcoholism.

4. Denial

If you find yourself lying about your drinking habits to others, this is a warning sign of alcoholism. Those who are not at risk of developing an addiction to alcohol will feel no need to hide their drinking habits. This kind of behavior can eventually corrode your relationships.

5. Making Excuses

Justifying excessive drinking can be pretty easy for an alcoholic. However, scoring a perfect goal at a Sunday soccer game is no reason for a 12-pack to yourself. Celebrating Heritage Day is one thing, but celebrating Father’s Day with getting drunk is a warning sign. Basically, if you find yourself making excuses in order to drink more, there’s a definite chance you’re developing a problem.

6. Affected Relationships

It’s never good if and when drinking starts to negatively affect your personal relationships. It might start with an angry significant other who wants you to quit. Then, you might start neglecting your children a little. If you don’t have kids, or a significant other, maybe you are neglecting your friends. Worse yet, maybe you’re not neglecting at all, but being unfairly aggressive instead.

7. Crooked Priorities

You know how people say that you’ve got to keep your priorities straight? Well, if and when drinking alcohol outweighs your everyday life responsibilities, consider your priorities crooked. Responsible drinking occurs once all other things are taken care of. Problematic drinking occurs while or instead of doing all other things.

8. Defensiveness

If you have to literally defend your drinking to someone, provided that someone is reasonable, then you very well may be an alcoholic. No responsible drinker should have to argue for how much he or she has consumed. Defending your sobriety while drunk is even more indicative of a problem.

9. Withdrawal Symptoms

Feeling depression when not drinking is another major alcoholic warning sign. It is not normal to feel sad or upset without booze. Alcoholics tend to crave drinking so much that without it, they feel depressed. This is because the brain is malfunctioning.

10. Concerning Others

This actually has nothing to do with you. It involves those you know. If your family or friends or coworkers are concerned with your drinking, you may be an alcoholic. Sometimes it’s easier for others to see your problem. If you have others concerned for you, then you may want to take a closer look.

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