10 Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad During Festive

10 Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad During Festive. The holidays are here and many will be traveling. Some have been saving for that trip outside the country. Although you are excited to see new places and meet new people, your safety is imperative.

1. Learn The Language

If you plan to stay longer in a certain region it is important that you learn the language. This will not only enrich the travel experience it also helps you when you run into problems.

2. Travel Light

The less you carry around the less can get lost. If you travel a lot through busy areas it is a great advantage if you only need to take care of a small bag/backpack and your hands are free – especially in trains and buses it is much easier to keep an eye on your belongings.

3. Use ATMs Wisely

You may have been told to cover your hand when keying in your PIN number at an ATM. That’s good advice worth following, both for others looking over your shoulder, as well as hidden cameras trying to record your pin.

4. Don’t Show Your Valuables Around

Don’t walk around with an expensive camera or fancy jewelry hanging around your neck. Wear a cheap plastic watch, if any. Take it all off before you step out of a bar or restaurant at night. Keep your wallet in your front pocket, and when you’re on a crowded street shift your backpack to the front.

5. Down Emergency Info

If disaster strikes, you might not have time to search for numbers for local police or ambulance services, or directions to the nearest embassy for your country. You may also be too stressed and panicky to think straight.

6. Don’t Be Easy

Thieves go for the easiest victims they can find. Show that you’re paying attention — head up, eyes looking around, acknowledging people coming and going — and they’ll move on to someone easier.

7. Ask Locals For Advice

If you really want to know which neighborhoods are safe and which might be sketchy, ask a local resident of the area. Most locals are friendly, and will warn you about straying into dangerous areas. On the other hand, if a stranger offers up advice, it’s also wise to get a second opinion

8. Don’t Share Too Much With Strangers

If you’re ever tempted to make your itinerary more public, say in a Facebook post, just remember it can be a roadmap of your movements – just the sort of thing someone with ill-intentions would love to know.

9. Get Travel Insurance

You never think you need it, until you do. If you’re really worried about the safety of yourself and your gear while you travel, you can almost completely relax if you have some good insurance.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Sometimes there is nothing wrong about trusting your instincts when booking a tour, a bus ride or making a decision for the next travel destination. If something feels wrong it maybe is wrong – if in doubt: trust your instincts!

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