10 Ways To Impress Your Boss

10 Ways To Impress Your Boss. When it comes to the work place personal impressions are very important. Impressing your boss can often make the difference between maintaining your position and getting a promotion. In a down economy, it can even be the deciding factor between keeping your job and getting laid off. Learn how you can achieve that without sucking up to the boss.

1. Work Hard

Show your boss that you care about your job by putting effort into all of your tasks. Make sure you complete tasks in a timely manner. Put thought into everything you do, and make sure to fix any mistakes. For example, proofread reports before submitting them.

2. Remember Time Is Money

Show your boss that you are dependable by showing up on time. And remember that, to many people, on time is late. Show up early to get a head start on work and make a good impression. For example, if you’re due to start work at 8, try getting there at 7:45. That gives you time to stow your lunch and get settled in for the day.

3. Be Proactive

If you want to stand out, it’s not enough to just do the work you are assigned. Be proactive and volunteer for more responsibility. You can also come up with ideas for ways to make improvements. If your boss asks for someone to head up a new project, volunteer. Seeking out a leadership role is impressive.

4. Prove You Are Trustworthy

Your boss won’t be impressed if they can’t depend on you. Go out of your way to demonstrate that you can be trusted. If you say that you will do something, make sure to follow through. If you run into a problem, talk to your boss instead of just not finishing the task.

5. Be Well Informed

Your boss will be impressed if you make an effort to stay current with trends in your profession. Stay up to date by reading publications and attending networking events. You should also follow industry influencers on social media.

6. Be Professional

Focus only on work related tasks when you are at work. This means that you should not make personal calls, send personal emails, or spend time on non-work related social media. Online shopping and reading your favorite blogs are out, too!

7. Show Curiosity

Curiosity is a sign of intelligence. It also indicates that you are eager to learn and improve. Work on developing this trait in yourself by simply making an effort to learn as much as possible. Don’t limit yourself to just focusing on your own role.

8. Ask For Constructive Criticism

Let your boss know that you are actively looking for ways to improve your performance. Make it a point to regularly ask for feedback. Indicate that you’re not just looking for a pat on the back.

9. Show Gratitude When Appropriate

If you have a good relationship with your boss, it’s likely that they’ve done a few favors for you. Make sure to offer a sincere thank you when it feels right. For example, if they let you duck out of a meeting early to take your mom to the doctor, let them know that you appreciate the kindness.

10. Show Loyalty To Your Boss

Let your boss know that you are on their side. Avoid gossiping about your boss with other team members. You never know who might repeat your words. You can also defend your boss’s plans if anyone else in the company tries to go over your boss’s head.

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