10 Ways To Fit In At Your New Job

10 Ways To Fit In At Your New Job. Getting a new job is exciting, but it can be a little scary as well. New jobs mean a new workplace, colleagues, and rules and regulations to follow.  It is important to adapt to new working conditions, to rise to the expectations of your employer and exceed them. The following tips will help you settle nicely at your new work place.

1. Relax

On the first day of your new job, try not to stress too much about fitting in and getting things right. No matter how good you are at adapting to new situations, there is going to be an adjustment period where you will be learning about the company and how to best take care of the responsibilities of your new job.

2. Be Willing To Try New Things

No matter how much you liked certain things about your old company, your new team’s culture will probably be different in a number of ways. And more often than not, that’s a good thing. However, it’s easy to default to behaviors that were acceptable in a previous role simply because they feel familiar.

3. Get To Know Your New Colleagues

Ask them about their hobbies, their favorite sports, where they went to school or what they studied. Asking questions will help you find common ground with them and build rapport. While it’s OK to ask questions of your new co-workers, try to keep the questions light and neutral to begin with. You don’t need to know about their political or religious beliefs or their age or relationship status.

4. Don’t Badmouth Your Former Employer

Speak well of the people at your last job. Even though you’ve passed the job interview and been diplomatic and discrete about your previous employer, now is not the time to let loose and start badmouthing your former boss or co-workers. For that matter, there’s never a good time to badmouth your previous employer, no matter how secure you feel in your new job.

5. Have A Sense Of Humor

People generally like being around others who are easy-going and make funny jokes. But keep it minimal and not to the point where everything that comes out of your mouth is supposed to be a “joke.” Expressing individuality allows others to trust you and you will make better connections instantly.

Always Be Ready For Feedback 

Feedback is essential for improving your professional skills, be it positive or negative. Appreciate feedback and ask for it whenever you get the chance to, especially during your first several months. You can even ask the supervisor to give you some feedback on your overall performance and to tell you the aspects where you need to work harder.

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