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“Albinism Can Occur In All Races,” Michelle Mosalakae

“Albinism Can Occur In All Races,” Michelle Mosalakae. Today is Albinism Awareness Day, and our country needs all the education it can get. Sadly people with albinism have been hounded, killed and dismembered for muti purposes. The genetic condition which can happen to anyone, reduces the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin, hair and/or eyes. Luckily we have people like Michelle Mosalakae, who are more than happy to preach facts.

Education Is Key

Rising Star Inspite Of Albinism

Mosalakae is proving that albinism isn’t a deterrent to her dreams, and she’s using it to her advantage in her breakout role in Isibaya and by becoming Revlon’s first ambassador with albinism.

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