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5 SA Celebs Who Flaunt Their Cute Freckles

5 SA Celebs Who Flaunt Their Cute Freckles. With beauty foundations and concealers, one never gets to appreciate the beautiful bare faces of our female celebrities. Some celebrities have unique features like freckles, and we never get to see them. Those who have them usually either love them or hate them. If you have freckles, you are one of the blessed few. The following celebs rock theirs with confidence both on and off the red carpet, it’s time you draw inspiration.

1. Hulisani Ravele

The gorgeous media personality has never shied away from showing her freckles. We have known her as a teen star in Yotv, with her cute ginger face. Even now as an adult, Hulisani still shines with her freckles.

2. Ntando Duma

The singer and actress, has an unforgettable face. Ntando Duma is one of the blessed few with freckles, and boy we envy her. Although she loves her makeup, she never covers her freckles completely.

3.Nono Gasa

Noni Gasa was once called the ‘ambassador of freckle faces’ by her fans. Instead of hiding her freckles under thick layers of make-up, she proudly showed them off.

4. Lerato Kganyago

Although, hers are not that prominent on her face, but rather her body. Lerato Kganyago recently shared a picture on her Twitter account,showing that she is part of the beautiful and rare ginger club.

5. Jena Dover

Like most redheads, Jena Dover has a face (and body) covered in freckles. The actress is ‘Team Ginger’ and proud of her features. She has embraced her uniqueness, and is one of the most beautiful women in the country.

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