10 Productive Ways To Approach Monday

10 Productive Ways To Approach Monday. Monday is the least favorite day of the week to most people. People drag their feet to school and work, but you can still beat those Monday blues and become productive. Success is not created by luck, but by working hard toward reaching a specific goal. Monday morning routines set the mood for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. Here’s a list of Monday morning habits that you can develop and become highly successful.

1. Start Monday With A Positive Attitude

So much time and energy is used up by a bad mood. Super productive people don’t like to waste any energy, and they certainly don’t want the week to lag from a bad start. Focus your mind on joyful productivity from the moment you feet hit the ground in the morning.

2. Wake Up Early

A productive person wakes up early to make sure that they have plenty of time to complete all of their tasks. Waking up early also ensures that you are not late for any of your scheduled events and you will have plenty of time to take care of your personal chores prior to jumping into your work load.

3. Meditate

Monday morning meditation or prayer are great tools to envision success. It’s important to quiet the mind and let the positive energy in as soon as you wake up. If you start with meditating for 5 minutes and over time increase it to half an hour per session. Such practices can also answer unanswered questions and lead the way to success.

4. Get Motivated

Highly successful people get motivated first thing on Monday morning. They read personal development books, watch inspirational videos, listen to motivational speakers. Even 15 minutes of inspirational content on Monday morning can set up your day and your week for success.

5. Dedicate Time For Organization

Starting Monday firefighting will put you behind schedule for the entire week. Super productive people understand that organization doesn’t happen magically on its own. Time is required to think things through and create process. Otherwise, a haphazard approach will create chaos and eat the very time you thought you might save.

6. Prioritize Your Objectives

If you don’t have clear objectives on Monday, you will find yourself with a short week to get things done. Super productive people assess the entire week so they can manage their resources accordingly. That gives them the ability to meter out the week and adjust as necessary. Make your lists and calendar your time. It will free your mind for the week.

7. Anticipate Obstacles.

Obstacles are an inevitable part of every project and work environment. Monday is a great time to focus on the obstacles of the week. Super productive people incorporate room for unknown speed bumps into their plan, so that when the inevitable happens, they don’t get tripped up.

8. Fuel Up Your Body

It’s imperative that your body is fueled with nutritious foods first thing in the morning. Healthy food provides energy and gets the mind and body ready for the day. Eat a fruit salad and muesli (a mix of rolled oats, fruits, nuts, seeds, and milk) in the morning.

9. Get Active

Highly Successful people know that getting the body active is imperative on Monday mornings and throughout the week. Exercise helps the body wake up and oxygenate; by doing so, all of the cells become active and ready for the day.

10. Connect With Your Team Face To Face

A lot of business decisions take place over email or other types of technology. Highly successful people connect with their teams face to face. When we think we can do things by email and Skype and online chats, it’s really important to bump into people face to face.

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