Top 10 Funniest Trevor Noah Jokes Of All-Time

Comedy fans are likely to become more familiar with Trevor Noah, whose star is on the rise. Well, speaking about how awesome he is, Trevor Noah is now making it big in the united states hosting’ The Daily Show’. He is really shutting it down! He is the biggest and the most recognised comedy icon in South Africa.

Trevor Noah Funniest Jokes

Today we reflect a little bit by looking at some of the jokes that Trevor Noah has ever made in his time as a stand up comedian…..

Crazy Normal – President Jacob Zuma’s Speech

It’s My Culture – Funny Funny

Crazy Normal – Attention All Passengers

Zambia loves escalators, just “don’t be gay.”

Crazy Normal – Death at a Funeral

Daywalker 2.0 – Oprah’s School in South Africa

It’s My Culture – Service with a Smile

It’s My Culture – Oscar Pistorius

That’s Racist – Surfing AIDS 

President Zuma Gone Wild

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