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Papa Penny Comes Back With A New Word (NIP)

Papa Penny Comes Back With A New Word (NIP). No doubt that Papa Penny is an original entertainer. Many have been waiting for the 2nd season of his show with baited breath. Yesterday, Wednesday 12th was the premier of his show and like always he had the country in stitches.

Among the many activities he did, he also came up with a new word. The new word NIP, stands for Not Important People. Viewers were never ready for Tsonga music icon Penny Pennyโ€™s creativity. Papa Penny made it clear that at his birthday party, VIP’s shoulD be separated from NIP’s.ย  He set the difference between the VIP and the NIP. Black Twitter was left in stitches and people started using the new word in their vocab.

This talented father to 18 children is a successful recording artist. Papa Penny is also a ward councillor in the Greater Giyani Municipality and now a reality-TV star. Clearly he is not for your average NIP.

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