10 Ways To Tell If A Job Is Real Or A Scam

10 Ways To Tell If A Job Is Real Or A Scam. High level of unemployment makes a lot of people desperate for any job. This makes many to fall prey for scammers who are out there. Human trafficking is real, and some people will go to extremes to lure their victims. One of their methods is offering employment that does not exist through the internet. The following 10 points will help you stay alert and look out for yourself while you seeking for employment.

1. They use personal/free email instead of company email. e.g: (hotmail. g-mail, web-mail, yahoo, mail e.t.c).

2. They use personal Cell Number Instead of a Land-line/Company telephone.

3. They Need Upfront fee for the job placement (e.g. pay a certain amount for your Job placement, Test, VISA, Bus fare ). The company needs you not the other way around so they should not ask for your money. Ask yourself why can’t they take it from your salary after they hire you? Even recruitment agencies are paid by companies that require people.

4. They rent CBD Flats for their interviews and fake tests, or even use their private houses.

5. They require many people to apply (e.g 100 people needed to work at call centre immediately) and requirements are simple that almost everyone qualify

6. They always have many different fake fields for everyone (Drivers, Cleaners, Call Centre, Nanny, Security Jobs e.t.c)

7. Their job posts are always with or without qualifications/experience

8. Some uses SMS Like : sms CLEAN to 4392 or Comment with Yes or Phone Numbers

9. They frequently advertise the same job ad throughout the year

10. Their job content has less information and don’t have an application end date or closing date.

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