Vusi Thembekwayo Challenges Black People To Contribute To Black Solutions

Economic Futurist and world renowned Global Business Speaker Vusi Thembekwayo has challenged blacks to come up with solutions that can help the suffering black communities. His argument is that only a black person can understand the problems faced by fellow black people better.

Vusi gave examples of other races like Whites and Indians. These communities according to Vusi allow only their people to run their businesses and come up with solutions for themselves.  A person of a particular race will only trust their fellow with money and resources. You will never find a black person running a 100% Indian or Jewish organization, and it’s not even a race thing.

On the contrary though with South Africa, people who construct solutions for black people are never black people. Form funds and aids, it’s always another race leading the way. He however does not take anything away from foreign help, as it does assist to a certain degree. Vusi left his followers with this question, “What are you going to do in your own space as a person to ensure that us as a people are able to speak for and represent our own interest?”

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