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Celebrities React To The Trending Miway Screenshot

Trending today on Twitter is an alleged leaked e-mail of insurance company Miway, promoting racism. The email screenshot shows the official saying the decision is an opportunity to save money and ‘punish these black baboons’. CEO Rene Otto however says there is no such decision in the company and they will prove the email is fake. Celebs as usual have used their social status to voice their opinions on the matter, here is just a few;

1. Tbo Touch

Whoever leaked this Miway I salute for your bravery. Should you be fired Touch HD will hire.

2. Thomas Gumede

We must never ever accept racism, especially in OUR OWN land. They don’t deserve our forgiveness. We need to take everything back!

3. Ryan Cummings‏

If this MiWay email is indeed a hoax, the perpetrator better hope they are not caught. They will face the full might of the law.

4. Thomas Gumede x2

What’s worse about this miway racism is that this is just one company that got caught,it’s happening everywhere,property, politics, salaries.

5. Stevel Mac

Why are we so hated?

While Other Celebrities Chose Only To Follow The Tweet, Black Twitter Had This To Say

6. Lalumbe Makuya

If you are black and use miway insurance you might want to change to another company

7. Keke Mosikili

Black Twitter, can we find Aarthi on social media? We just want to have a word with it. Yes I said it.

8. Nkateko

I’m waiting for that black person to defend MiWay before the company even draft that “fake apology “. Please blacks don’t.


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