Surprise! Surprise! Bonang And Dj Zinhle Were Once Besties Before Their Feud

Most of you all might find this hard to believe but before A.K.A and all the feud between Bonang and DJ Zinhle, there was a solid friendship between them.

So here’s a brief tale about these two beautiful ladies, A.K.A the rapper was dating DJ Zinhle & impregnated her. After a while there were rumours that A.K.A was dating Bonang on the side, the rumours turned out to be true.

It is believed that A.K.A was dating Bonang while DJ Zinhle was pregnant with his child. DJ Zinhle said that she asked A.K.A about the affair and he admitted it even though he denied when the media questioned him about it.

Of course you can’t expect the two to drink red wine over that and laugh about it, DJ Zinhle might’ve felt betrayed. Bonang on other hand got a shocking social media attack. Not much has been reported on the two going at it like squabbling.

So before all of that drama and feud, the two ladies were like bread and butter. See below meme posted by fan

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