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Somizi Shares Details About His First Sexual Encounter With A Man

Media Personality Somizi Mhlongo announced a while back that today he will be launching his book, an autobiography titled Dominoes : Unbreakable Spirits. In his book there are some juicy details he shared, about his first time sharing a bed with a man. As well as we all aware of his sexuality, some of us were eager to know how come he turned out
to be gay when he fathered a child.

Somgaga fed into our curiosity and revealed that he knew he was not a straight man the day he fathered his 22 year old daughter,Bahumi.

“When I fathered a child I already knew I was not a straight guy. I did everything knowing very well I was gay. I could have been bisexual but definitely not straight.”

The choreographer explained the first time of his experience as something he’ll do over and over again because of the excitement it brought upon him. He said that the first day he felt how ecstatic it is to be in another man’s sexual company was on the day of his father’s burial. On that day he mentioned that he shared bed with a popular musician and his girlfriend.

“My heart throbbing and loins on fire‚ the scent of a man and the prickly hairy legs fired me up. We fondled. I was actually the one touching him and he touched me back‚ sending me into a tizz of ecstasy‚” he explained.

Somizi would definitely make the best romantic novelist, the way he details the experience, he leaves the reader yearning for more.

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