Advantages And Disadvantages Of Going To University

  1. Here are some tips intended to help you , if you confused about going to University.


1.It opens new avenue of employment,most jobs are graduate jobs. There are certain jobs that require one to be knowledgeable regarding certain things like medicine , to become a doctor you need to study more than just the basics.

2.New life experiences , university is a place of self-reflection , it’s where you get tested at how you handle situations , the new experiences are exciting and meeting new people is always amazing , you get to blend in with different personalities. Student life is like a booze-filled nirvana.

3.Self- Improvement , you get to grow mentally and emotionally, you far away from home , you obliged to be independent and face things alone , that helps strengthen you. You get to make your own choices and decisions.


1.Universities are costly , you spend thousands studying but end up getting no job. Not all of us were born with silver spoons in our mouths so we must think of the money before we decide if whether or not we are going to pursue our studies. The financial aid is not a guarantee most drop out because the financial aid can no longer pay for them

2.Lack of practical experience. in University you spend 70% of your time studying big costly books without getting practical experience , if you get that experience it is of limited time.

3.Time lost, it consumes a lot of time. You spend 4 years studying for a degree solely focusing on it when you should be doing other important beneficial things like running a business.

It is your choice at what you decide , whatever choice make sure that you doing something that will guarantee you a better life. If you don’t choose to go to varsity do something else that’s positive like establish a business. Do some introspection before you make a decision , don’t allow an influence from family or friends decide for you. Be a bigger person and see through what might be right for you.

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