10 Facts About One Of South African Female Rappers – Fifi Cooper

Few years ago females were still expected to live by societal norms that classified gender duties and interests. It came as a shock when females engaged themselves in the industry that was dominated or had men only , the Hip hop world. These females didn’t let the society or parents and friends get in the way of their talent and passion, they went ahead.

Fifi Cooper an award winning artist is an example of these young ladies who got into rap and Hip hop and proved that , if men can do it so can women. She’s one of many talented females South Africa have.

Here we give 10 Things you didn’t know about Fifi Cooper.

1. Her real name is Refilwe Mooketsi.

2.She has a child, a son.

3.She did Latin Ball room dancing years ago.

4. She started off as an RNB singer.

5.Fifi has always been her nickname even before fame.

6.Her first breakthrough single was Chechella which was released in 2010.

7.She’s a self-proclaimed First Lady Of Motswako.

8.She sees other Motswako musicians as her brothers and is not in a competion with them.

9.She’s a diverse artist, she can do jazz,gospel and the blues and still make best of it because she doesn’t see herself as only a rapper but an artist.

10.She realised how most females were shying away from rap or never took it seriously and decided to change all that for her and all other young females out there.

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