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Tumi ‘Stogie T’ Molekane Claps Back At A Fan

It seems like there are many undisputed king of clap backs in the entertainment industry. This time Stogie T has hit back at a follower with the most savage clap back. He put the fan in his place for just asking a mere typical question. Stogie clearly has no time to play nor to explain himself

Okay this is where the whole level 100 of savage clap back came in. Stogie T posted a picture of a white lady helping a black lady who has low blood sugar and wrote that these are the kind of things the media never show people. The fan asked that why should it go viral because this is just a human being helping another human being?

“Go fuck yourself, maybe you’ll go viral” Stogie T replied. How savage is he though? The poor fan was just expressing himself, we guess Stogie was also expressing himself. It’s a free country after all.

Here’s the tweet in case you don’t believe us:

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