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JR Goes On An Explosive Twitter Rant Attacking A Photographer

Rapper JR recently got into a heated Twitter rant with a photographer who allegedly took a picture of him then put it on the net. Jr apparently took the picture, edited and posted it without crediting the photographer. Wait for it, instead of apologizing or credit the photographer, JR snapped at him. How savage is he though.

“I put the pic up on Twitter. Homie took it. Edited. Posted. No Credit” reads the tweet of the photographer. He went on to add that celebs always preach about empowering and uplifting “the kids” which probably refers to aspiring people in different professions, but when they are supposed to do so, they fail. The dose of truth in this guy’s statement though! Anyway, back to the twitter troll, the photographer said that he fails to understand how giving credit bruises a person’s ego

This is where the whole shade came in. JR quickly deleted the picture then fired back. You won’t believe what he said. “You need to relax coz found that pic on the net, now I must ask EVERYONE ‘who took this” Ouch! JR’s savage levels are on a 100!.

Cava the tweets:


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