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“He Heals Me, He Accepts Me” Mshoza Gushes Over Her Man

Mshoza once revealed that she has put her relationship on hold due to the fact that she was a bit overwhelmed with her career. Well now it seems like she has sorted out her hurdles. The Abantu bam hitmaker recently shared a picture of herself and bae all loved up and smiley.

She said on the heartfelt post that she has no idea how long her babe will be around, but for the first time ever, she is more worried about the future. “We have such a wonderful time when we are together” Mshoza added.

She went on to say that she is not scared of how things can turn out in the near future. Mshoza also mentioned the fact that her bae heals, knows and accepts her the way she is, regardless of her past. Last year, if not mistaken Mshoza paused her relationship in order to pursue her career in music.

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