5 Simple Ways To Free Up Space On Your Phone Without Deleting Pictures & Music

There is nothing more annoying than getting or rather receiving a notification that says “Storage Almost Full” just when you are in the middle of recording a video or about to snap an image. It can also be frustrating. Well there is now an easy way to clear space on your phone without deleting your precious memorable pictures.

  1. Delete unnecessary storage-eating apps

This is actually one of the easiest ways to free up storage on your phone. You can delete unused or unnecessary apps that take up more of your space. Also consider apps that chows up your data

  1. Get rid of old messages

There is really no use of keeping messages that older than 30 days. So delete the messages so you can have space on your phone. There’s even an option now where you can delete old messages automatically

  1. Clear your browser’s cache

This suggestion does not only apply to your computer, it also applies to your phone. Go to settings, and then head to ‘Clear history’ to clear your cache. However, it might take a little while to free up the gigabytes, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

  1. Switch of automatic app updates

Automatic app updates will not only deplete your data and take up more room of your space, it will also drain your battery. Turn off these app updates

  1. Use the cloud

Moving your files to the Cloud is actually an easy way to also free up space on your phone. Go to settingsàicloudàphotos then optimise iPhone storage. This feature will save all your photos and videos in smaller format.

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