SA Celebrities Who Died Shockingly Young Before Age 30

Stars who die young do remain forever beautiful, enshrined in our minds like Snow White. They smile, they laugh. We tend to remember the best of almost everyone who passes away, but it’s especially easy and maybe especially important when their time was cut so short . When a celebrity dies young, we’re sad to see a life end too soon – and often haunted by the life and career that could’ve been.

Here are SA Celebrities who died shockingly young before the age of 30.

T.K Mhinga


TK’s death had to be one of the deaths that made me curse out loud. This girl dripped of talent, those vocals, the song writing. She was way beyond her years. I remember when I first heard Black Butterfly, I thought it was international. Can you imagine how far and influential she would be now. TK definitely paved a way for mainstream R & B artists in Mzansi.

Simba Mhere

simba mhere

Simba Mhere died in a car accident, along with his friend Kady-Shay O’Bryan. Mhere joined Top Billing in 2010 after winning the presenter search.

Originally from Zimbabwe, the 26-year-old presenter moved to Johannesburg when he was one.

The SABC tweeted that he died in an accident.

Lebo Mathosa


Another talent lost on our roads. Mathosa’s passing is another that shocked South Africa or should I say Africa as a whole. What a talented individual! Lebo was a musician, actress and a dancer. She was part of the group Boom Shaka. She died in a car accident. I wonder what she’d be doing right now if she was still alive. Winning awards? Collaborations? International deals? BET Award?

Precious Simelane


Another Backstage beauty gone too soon. Oh Precious was lovely. She was one of those girls that you take home to meet the parents. Her smile lit up a room. She was fresh, vivacious, sadly she lost her fight after a short-illness. This was a shock to many, at 27 she had a bright future ahead of her. She had already been presenting (Crux) and she had major roles on Backstage and Generations (the o.g). This God fearing young lady would have been a force to be reckoned with.


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