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Zahara Has Had Her Afro For Years Now. How Does She Do It?

When Zahara broke into the scene, she didn’t just make a statement with her angelic voice and guitar skills. She laos drew a lot of attention with her afro. Yes guys, we’ve learnt that her afro is actually hers for real. We didn’t believe it at first, but yeah, all that hair is natural. But how has she managed to keep it fresh after so many years?


In an interview with Frochic, Zahara gave all the answers to all your questions about her hair. Read below:

Now on to your hair; our readers are crazy about it! Is it all yours or do you add extensions to it? Many of our readers are very curious to know if that is all yours.
Yep! It’s all mine.

Why did you decide to keep your hair natural, especially in this industry? Many artists seem to choose to wear weaves, or relax their hair which is usually perceived as the norm.
I have always had my hair natural. I don’t like weaves. I also have a very sensitive scalp, so I choose not to relax my hair. I used to love braids before but that is pretty much it.

What is your hair regimen? How do you maintain your hair length, the polished look, styling etc?
I plait my hair every night before going to bed; even if it is just two rows. In the morning I’ll wash it, comb, apply hair food and I’m done.

With being on the road most of the time, travelling to gigs and doing a lot of performances, how do you protect your hair from constant styling and the manipulation that comes with preparing for a show?
I always keep my hair covered under a scarf. I do not style my hair that much. I just give it a little nourishment and comb it.


Please dish on your must-have hair products?
I use normal hair food or petroleum jelly.

Do you believe in the saying “I’m not my hair”? Or do you believe your hair contributes to who you are?
No, hair does not define who you are. What matters is who you are within.

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