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30 Ways To Get Your Life Together And Back On Track [PART2]

Unexpected challenges are what make us stronger, so don’t avoid them. Keep in mind the following 30 tips and you’ll be able to streamline your life and get back on track before the end of the year.

11. Take a career test that will help you identify your strengths.

If you are unhappy with your career but don’t even know where to begin in the process of moving on, this can be a good way to identify strengths and new possibilities.

12. Meet with a professional counselor if there are issues you need to discuss.

Many people are struggling with dead weight from the past or emotional baggage that is holding them back. Deal with them and move on with professional assistance.

13. Go through cabinets and throw out expired medications or food items.

The last time I did this, I found everything from 3-year-old curry powder to 5-year-old aspirin. Throw them out.

14. Make a clear diet plan with an emphasis on whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

A healthy diet plan has a tremendous effect on your overall energy levels.

15. Add vitamin pills to your daily diet.

Vitamin supplements can help reduce the possibility of cancer and osteoporosis, among other disorders.

16. Work out a clear exercise plan with an activity that you enjoy such as dancing or biking.

My girlfriend loves yoga, and I am a soccer enthusiast. As long as it’s active, it counts.

17. Set appointments you’ve been putting off.

It’s easy to put off going to the doctor or dentist until we are sick, but preventive care is extremely important in overall health levels.

18. Take up a mental exercise.

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other word games along these lines are more than just a good way to pass time. They have been shown in studies to help improve overall mental capabilities.

19. Publish your own book.

This is easier than ever before with Internet publishing. You can get your ideas out there and start making money from them.

20. Make a reading list and join a book club.

Most people state that they want to read more, but without an actual plan you may not make the time to do this. Joining a book club not only serves as a social activity but also keeps you up to date with your own reading list.


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