Top 5 Signs You Aced Your Interview And About To Get A Job Offer

To those of you that have either prepared for your interview or have had your interview – you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to know how the interview actually went. Sometimes it can be really hard to actually tell whether you wowed the interviewer or you left them disappointed – especially when they have an amazing poker face!

Business People Waiting Nervously

It’s completely natural to be a little bit impatient for your feedback when you’ve spent so long searching for the perfect job. So we’ve got a number of tell-tale signs that your interview went well so you can sleep easy for the time being!

1. Your interviewer appears to be enjoying the conversation.

When the interviewer is listening to you intently — and seems genuinely interested in what you have to say — that’s a good indication you’re on the right track. To figure out whether they’re enjoying the conversation, pay careful attention to the interviewer’s body language. Actions speak louder than words. It’s always a good sign when the interviewer smiles, maintains eye contact, and leans in toward you while you speak.

2. Your interviewer shows you around the office before you leave.

If the hiring manager takes the extra time to give you a tour of the office or introduces you to employees before you head out, that could mean they’re thinking about offering you the role. Most interviewers will give you an idea of what the schedule will look like ahead of time. If, at the end of the interview, the employer unexpectedly offers to introduce you to the rest of the team, it could bode well for you.

3. The interview runs over the designated time.

If the interview runs over the scheduled time slot, the employer clearly wants to continue getting to know you a little better. You’ve likely already passed the initial criteria they were seeking, and the fact that they continue investing more time and energy toward you can be promising.

4. The interviewer tries to sell you on the company.

As the candidate, it’s expected that you will spend a lot of the interview talking about yourself and your expertise, in an attempt to persuade to the interviewer that you’re the right fit for the position. But if the interviewer makes a conscious effort to talk up the company, that’s a great sign they’re impressed with you and trying to sway you towards the position.

5. The follow-up process is pointedly discussed.

At the close of the interview, if the recruiter or hiring manager enthusiastically brings up the next step in the hiring process without you even asking, then it’s a clear indicator you’re still in the running for the open role. (Unless, of course, it’s just a generic: “We’ll be in touch soon.”) If an interviewer is interested in a candidate, they may even ask when you’d like to or need to have their decision by. They won’t let you leave without knowing what your timeline looks like.”

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