Here’s What Nurses, Teachers And Police Officers Earn in South Africa

The size of South Africa’s civil service has increased dramatically in recent years. But is the government paying out suitable wages, as has been promised?  According to economists, South Africa’s massive civil service workforce is one of the biggest issues constraining the economy, with recommendations to scale it down, and make it more efficient.

State careers in South Africa have a reputation for being extremely contrasting – where nurses, teachers and policemen are paid paltry salaries, and councillors, mayors and ministers are paid very well.

The truth is that state employees are made up of hundreds of different career paths, including administrators, lawyers, healthcare practicioners and construction workers – all on the government’s payroll.

Here is what Nurses, Teachers And Police Officers Earn in South Africa. (Note: Salaries Per Annum)

Source: BusinessTech

Teachers and community workers

Teacher salaries are determined by years of experience, as well as grade and level teaching.

Job Salary
Teachers (general) R60,000 – R280,000
High school teachers R153,000
Prison educators R90,400 – R420,000
Social workers R105,000 – R650,000


Healthcare practicioners working at state hospitals and clinics have salary scales that range from R95,000 for nursing assistants to R1.82 million for department heads.

Job Salary
Nurses R150,000 – R350,000


Police salaries are determined by years of experience across different wage bands.

Job Salary
Recruits R54,000
Officers R105,000 – R156,000
Sergeants R128,000
Lieutenants R200,000
Majors R250,000
Colonels R450,000

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