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Mandla And Lexi Say They Are Not Trying To Be Kim & Kanye!

In case you missed out, mzansi’s hottest couple , Mandla and Lexi have their own reality show now which invites their fans into their personal lives. The couple met on Big Brothers Mzansi last year 2014 and their love for each other continued even after the show.

Mandla and Lexi

Lexi said this in an interview on Cliff Central- “I love Kim Kardashian and Mandla loves Kanye, but we’re not trying to be Kimye,”

When Mandla and Lexi were on the Big Brother show, their fans called  the Mandlex. Lexi added that even in  in the mall, people will come up them and call them Malexi.

Lexi says despite what people say on Twitter , her and Mandla are not out looking for attention, instead they are just being themselves.

So that sets the record straight. They are not trying to be Kimye guys!

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