Top 10 Most Hilarious “David Genaro” Quotes

Are you a David Genaro Fan? Of course you are and that’s why you are here reading this article! SA actor Jamie Bartlett, is a well known South African actor best known for his role as the villain, David Genaro on etv’s soapie Rhythm City. So since he is one of SA’s favourite, we thought we should make a list of some of the best quotes by his character “David Genaro” that just made us “cry in a bloody bucket! “. Hahaha!

David Genaro Quotes

Familiar with these lines?…….

1. I need you to get a hold of those nipple connections of yours and I need you to milk  like you’re very thirsty, Ron.

2. David to Ronald: “What do you want me to do? Get on my kit and give you a flipping lap-dance?”

3. My dig is,I don’t think he likes me too much and I’m not gonna be sleeping so well while I’m out there.

4. You don’t honestly believe that Lucilla wouldn’t stab you in the back. Come on! Do me a favour,man. Hell’s Teeth.

5. You called me a monster. Correct, I’m a monster. And if you don’t like it darling, you can lump it, because that is the way that I role…

6. “Do I look like I’ve just slipped in on a flippin banana peal”

7. *Guard Opens Door* David : “Thank You,Father”.

8. If you wanna run with big dogs you’ve gotta’ learn to piss in the long grass.  

9. China, Mucker, Mate – China Plate Mate.

10. I will disappear inside that like a homesick mole.

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