10 Weird Things You Never Realized Everyone Does Too

We should know this because we were created in the same way. Those things that you think happen to you only or you’re the only person that thinks that way, guess what? So does everybody else. So if you’ve ever felt stupid for those weird things you do when no one is watching, know that you are not alone.


Here are the weirdest things you didn’t know everybody else does them.

1. You still think the 90s as being a decade ago. This is so weird, and everybody thinks this is it because you don’t want to get older?

2. You are more depressed by Sunday nights than Monday mornings. The idea of thinking tomorrow is Monday stresses you more than the actual Monday does. I thought this was only me.

3. You have to find the perfect TV show to watch before you can eat any food you’ve prepared for yourself. I don’t know if this is because of laziness or it’s because we want a good show to go down with the good food but everybody does it.

4. You set up your alarm earlier than you need to so you can hit the snooze button several times. You’d think this reverses time but we must say it always feels good to go back to sleep even for five minutes.

5. You sometimes stop the microwave with just one second left so you can pretend you’re defusing a time bomb. Well, for the effect I guess anything to make you feel like a superhero.

6. You rehearse arguments in your head just in case it should ever come up. It’s always better to be prepared than to feel attacked, right?

7. You get lost in thought while reading, but don’t notice until you are three pages past where you stopped paying attention. What happens now, you go three pages back?

8. You listen to a song on repeat just to memorize the tricky section in case it comes on around friends. Well, anything to look cooler or smarter.

9. Long phone calls mean pacing around the entire house. We’ll never find out why.

10. You spell out Wednesday as Wed-nes-day in your head when you’re writing. Yea because its confusing.

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