10 Things Successful People Don’t Do Everyday

It’s fascinating to learn how people with the same background or born in the same family can become very different people in their success. The main reason why this is so, it is because of our thinking, the way we set up our mindsets determines the output. Having said that, what then is it that successful people do not allow in their everyday lives?

Here are the lessons you can learn to not do in order to be successful.

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1. Making excuses
Successful people do not play the blame game, they own up to their mistakes. If something goes not according to plan, they take full responsibility and work on fixing it.

2. They don’t wait for certainty
Successful people are not scared to try new things. They understand that when trying something new nothing is guaranteed and you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. They make sure they give everything their best, knowing in failure they can always try again.

3. Multitasking in a meeting
People who are not so successful think you must multitask to be successful. Whilst the truth is successful people focus, they pay the most attention in the room. This helps them understand fully what’s being said in the meeting, about hidden agendas and about the people in the meeting allowing them to spot opportunities to build bridges.

4. Checking phones whilst talking to someone
Successful people make everyone who they speak to feel important despite their position. In return that’s why they are respected. They understand that your phone won’t notice you didn’t pay attention to it but people do and they care.

5. Being a victim
Successful people don’t let themselves become victims of other people’s actions. They remove themselves from bad situations, they don’t hold grudges or seek revenge instead they let go and move on allowing better things in life to come in.

6. Get distracted by notifications
Successful people don’t check their emails or messages as soon as they get them; they focus on what’s important which is their work without interruptions. They don’t focus on what other people want them to prioritize but what’s truly important to them.

7. Allowing the past to dictate the future
They understand mistakes from the past are lessons, they learn from them, let go and move on. They don’t allow their past to determine their happiness. They understand that you’ll never be happy if you focus on the past, they live in the present.

8. Say “yes” when they mean “no”
It’s not easy to refuse request from family, friends or colleges. Successful people understand that you can’t do everything and you don’t have to do everything, they know success is more about what you choose not to do than what you do.

9. Resisting change
The world is constantly evolving, plans and tactic change over time. Successful understand this and accept it without frustration or resistance. They learn to adjust and adapt because they know there is no worked out route to success.

10. Forgetting the ones they love
No matter how busy they get, they will find time to check up on those they love. They understand that the love and support from their loved ones is significant and helpful in making them successful.

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