10 Social Media Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Career

As a generation that lives in times of ever evolving technology which brought us social media, it is the gift of the curse. The same thing that can help you or make it easier to find a job is the same thing that can completely ruin your career. Think about it, it takes only one post to ruin one’s reputation.


While being active online is crucial in today’s world, you have to be extra cautious of what you post and when you post on social media. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Displaying a photo of you drinking
It doesn’t matter if you’re over eighteen and allowed to drink. It’s understandable to have an unflattering photo on social media but unacceptable for your career to have a photo of you flipping off the camera or doing a key stand as a profile photo.

2. Complaining about your job
We can’t believe we are talking about this but there are people who complain about their current jobs or companies on social media. This is the worst thing you can ever do for your career, not only can you lose your current job but you might struggle getting a new one.

3. Making fun of your boss
It doesn’t matter how frustrated you are at your boss or team, never go on social media to take out your anger. Don’t make fun of your boss, clients or donors; you never know whose watching.

4. Not separating professional and personal
Technology has made social media and professional spheres more integrated, which means your social media persona is not separate from your professional persona. If you think your boss or prospective employer won’t be happy to see it, don’t post it. Always keep your public interactions professional.

5. Poor Online First Impressions
Your potential employers only get their first impression of you from Google and social media. Your first few search results for your name should represent the professional you, if it doesn’t create new content.

6. Blindly sharing content
Make sure you know what you’re re-tweeting came from, you might realize that it doesn’t go with your beliefs and what you stand for and by the time you realize that it might be too late. This might reflect badly on you.

7. Tweeting potential job offer
Job offers are usually confidential and tweeting about something that’s on the verge of happening might result in your potential boss labeling you as untrustworthy even worse your behavior might result in the offer being revoked.

8. Posting nudes
You know the saying, “don’t show anything you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with your grandma on the dinner table”, take it to heart. Posting suggestive photos or nude photos is bad for your career and even your private life.

9. Poor grammar
Poor grammar shows lack of regard to detail. Pay attention to how you write knowing it can affect your career.

10. Lying about your sick days
Posting photos with your girls having lunch somewhere while you called in coughing pretending to be sick is going to get you written up or get fired.

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