10 People Who Took Laziness To Another Level

We can admit that we sometimes have those days where we feel like not doing anything and sometimes we just push ourselves hard so we can finish certain tasks. Lets just say, in everyone of us there exists a lazy bug. However, some  people are lazy and some are really lazy. What’s interesting is that lazy people have a complete lack of will, but that doesn’t stop them to stay true to being lazy. The people on this list have found ways to do things the extremely lazy way.

1. “standing” on the queue

sitting on the queue

2. Lazy security guard

Lazy Security guard

3. “Walking” the dog

walking the dog

4. Are you kidding?


5. “changing” the toilet paper

toilet paper

6. Lazy eating

eating chips

7. People won’t see….

nail polish

8. Just “watching” tv…..

watching tv

9. What an invention….


10. Escalators but why?




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