10 Reasons Why People Fail In life

We all want to succeed in life but it doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. I am sure by now you know what it takes to succeed, is that enough though? Truth is, the possibilities of you succeeding are higher than you would ever think. We spoke about how to deal with the fear of success but still we acknowledge that the topic goes way deeper. There are reasons why we struggle to reach the to even when we think we are moving towards the right direction.

Below are some of the reasons why we still lack fail in life.


1. You don’t have goals

Goals are an important part of getting what you want out of life. Having a goal written down with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work for. If you don’t write down concrete goals and give yourself a timeline for achievement, how can you look back and re-evaluate your path if you fail?

2. You have no vision

Having a Vision for Your Life Matters More than Individual Goals. Vision, on the other hand, is the “why.” What do you want to get out of life? When you look back in a couple decades, what do you want to see? A well-defined personal vision should naturally lead to a more focused goal set.

3. You don’t learn from your mistakes

The most important life lessons we will ever learn will be from the bad decisions we make. Time and experience can be excellent teachers when you actually learn a lesson from your poor decisions. Experience comes from our way of living, understanding and the adjustments we make. It also comes from suffering, agony and the ordeals we are afflicted by.

4. You don’t look for motivation

We all need something to lift us up when we can’t go through life. With all the challenges we face in life, we do need motivation to feel energized and ready to face another day. When we are motivated, we are likely to perform at our level best. Life, as we all know it can get hard. Sometimes it is hard to continue and sometimes it is hard to finish. So whatever stage you are in, you need one thing to complete it successfully.

5. You are paranoid

A suspicious mind is always ill-at-ease and spotting hidden meanings nobody else even considers are there. It can be a devastating way to live, viewing the world through a hyper-vigilant lens, and left unchecked. Look after yourself. Make sure you eat healthily, get plenty of good-quality sleep, and exercise regularly. Make time too for things you enjoy: the more positive activities you have in your life, the less scope there’ll be for paranoia to take hold.

6. You are afraid of success

It is quite common to have fear of success. However, when we’re too afraid to take risks and move forward on our goals, we could lose out on a lot of opportunities in life. We all want to be successful in life and that is human nature. The biggest problem for many people is that their fear of success is largely unconscious. They just don’t realize that they’ve been holding themselves back from doing something great.

7. You take opportunities for granted

If you don’t do the work, then you won’t see results. We  often feel entitled to…well, everything. We have big egos — it’s true. Having a huge ego can be very useful as long as you understand how far your ego alone will take you. No matter who you are or how intelligent you believe yourself to be, mastery of any subject takes time and effort; there’s no shortcut.

8. You make excuses

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses when things don’t turn out as you had expected? Have you ever neglected taking responsibility for the events and circumstances of your life? Or have you ever tried to explain away why you didn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t or simply wouldn’t do something? Living a life of excuses can have very serious and lasting consequences. Not only will excuses prevent you from reaching your full potential, but they will also hold you back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills you might have, to help you overcome your problems.

9. You are impulsive

We tend to be driven by the short-term consequences of a behavior. That is, we usually repeat behaviors that work well for us in the moment, regardless of what their long-term negative consequences are. Therefore, it can be useful to increase your awareness of the long-term negative consequences of a behavior. One way to do this is by identifying the short- and long-term pros and cons of a behavior.

10. You take life too seriously

When we take ourselves less seriously, we’re able to see the humor in situations, find the silver lining when things don’t go the way we want them to, and navigate through the ups and downs of life a bit easier.




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