7 Traits That Separate Successful People from Unsuccessful People

The biggest difference between very successful people and not so successful people is their mindset. Your way of thinking can determine how successful you can get. Not so successful people fall victim to blame, they justify and complain. There is no such thing as a “successful victim” either you are successful or you’re a victim. What you settle for is what you get and here is what differentiates very successful people with not so successful people.

1. Both vs. Either
Successful people think both while unsuccessful people think either, Instead of resenting something good you should admire and model. Bless that which you want.

2. Bigger vs. Smaller
Successful people are not intimidated by their problems; they tell themselves they are bigger than the problems as compared to not so successful people who allow their problems to overwhelm them.

3. Selective vs. Fitting in
Unsuccessful people think, “If I can fit in, I should fit in” but successful people are absurdly selective, they say no to almost everything.

4. Rest vs. Overtime
Unsuccessful people have a mentality of working overtime and sleep only 4hours whereas very successful people rest well so they can be at peak per performance.

5. Play vs. Work
People who are unsuccessful think playing is a waste of time; they take life too seriously while the very successful people know that playing is essential for creativity.

6. Listen vs. Speak
Unsuccessful people always have something to say and they want to be heard whereas successful people are powerful listeners.

7. Focus
Unsuccessful people are always in competition with someone, they pay too much attention to others while successful people focus on themselves and what they can do to better themselves.

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