Top 10 Career Choices You’ll Regret 20 Years from Now!

In life we all get faced with predicaments one way or another. Some of which will make us or even break us. It is up to us to spend some time for self introspection all in the name of avoiding regrets. Just imagine living life with questions popping in your head like, “What if? “and “I should have?” That’s too much torture!

Sometimes we miss the biggest choices that will cause us to look back on our careers 20 years from now with pride and contentment — or regret. Take a look at the following guide to help you make the right choices before any regrets.

1. Living a false life – Sooner or later, we discover that living as a false self involves at least three serious problems. First, we can never be happy living a life designed to please someone else. Second, our real needs for nurturing and healing go entirely unmet. The third problem, which is really a blessing in disguise, is that we are not capable of living such a false existence and we cannot keep the lid on the turbulent emotions seething under our calculated exterior.

2. Being Selfish – Everybody is bound to be selfish from time to time. Although many elements of our society may encourage it, selfishness just hurts other people, sometimes at little to no personal gain. A selfish person also ends up losing friends or loved ones because no matter how charming or interesting a selfish person may be, a relationship with a selfish person is hard to maintain. Think about other peoples needs as well and consider the too.

3. Choosing Materials over happiness – We are not saying that you should stop buying valuables that you like but if you do this to be happy, then you are on the wrong direction. Material things do not necessarily bring you happiness. That is a fact of life. Find happiness within.

4. Being a workaholic – Work, work, work, is all you think of. Your life revolves around making money and getting ahead, but lifestyle is a choice. It is dangerous to be a workaholic. Although you may finish a lot of work, you may endanger your marriage, ruin your relationships with your children, get burnt out, and end up in an early grave.

5. Not investing in your family – You probably didn’t think this is important. But it’s ok, here’s what you need to know about this. Investing in your family is like adding to your bank account: it builds emotional reserves your children can draw from for years to come.

6. Obsession with perfection – Are you obsessed with perfection? Do you constantly let yourself down, no matter how well you do? Do you expect too much from those around you? You have a serious problem. If you don’t leave no room for error, then no matter what challenge you take on, the end result will almost always be disappointment. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

7. Impulsively changing jobs – This impulsive behavior could cost you big time. Before you act on something, think first. Sometimes acting on impulse means the difference between life and death. So it is crucial that you
Not choosing the right career- Choosing the right career can be difficult, but having a defined career direction will help you with getting a job. Too many choices are not always good, especially when it comes to picking your career. Make a wise decision and choose exactly what you want.

8. Not building yourself – Neglecting this important factor is like giving birth to a child and not raising that child. Never lose the opportunity to build yourself in every way. Whether through education or personality. You have yourself to build into a strong character.

9. Being too comfortable – By getting too comfortable in a job you stop searching for what could be out there, and God only knows the opportunities you’ve potentially missed. Never let your guard down because may people are out there making things happen. Comfortable is a quicksand — the job you never wanted could end up becoming the job you can’t escape.

10. No Self Love – We all need to love ourselves first before anything else. This is the no.1 rule. Unplug from the busy world and take time to focus on yourself internally. Love yourself, this is the greatest thing you could ever do for yourself.

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