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10 Values You Should Never Compromise In Life

Sometimes our daily lives may force us to choose between different things we love. This however should never be the reason to compromise on our values, the same values that we followed growing up and have made us who we are today. So whatever it is that comes in our lives should never change what has always been there.

Here’s what you should never compromise on

1. Self respect
It doesn’t matter who it is, if someone makes you feel like you don’t matter, or you are not worthy be it a friend or a partner always respect yourself and walk away. It’s not pride it’s being brave enough to realize that you deserve the same respect as the next person.

2. Spiritual beliefs
Do not apologize for what you believe in. Be free to be yourself, never feel the need to hide your beliefs in trying to please other people. The same way you respect their religion they should respect yours.

3. Your honesty
Always be truthful, never compromise on your truth and what is right. Even when you are in trouble or bad situation the honesty will free you although dishonest might seem like the way out.

4. Your Integrity
In every role you have in your life, always try maintaining you integrity. You can’t be an ever changing person. Understand your role and act accordingly. Don’t try to be cool or nice at the expense of your values.

5. Your loyalty
Being loyal or considered loyal by the people in your life is a great value to have. Never do something that will make the people you love doubt you. Whether it’s for a job or you just want to be in someone else’ good books, it should never be at an expense of your loyalty to other people.

6. Self discipline
Whether it’s on your eating habits, your work ,studies or exercise always stay disciplined. Don’t compromise thinking it only affects yourself, if you set yourself to do something, finish it. You can never reach your goal if you compromise on discipline.

7. Your humanity
Being kind, thoughtful, sympathetic, forgiving are some of the many things that can change the world around us. It doesn’t matter how busy, how hard things are for you, it should never stop you from showing your humanity.

8. Personal safety
It’s a great thing to be considered hardworking but it should never be at the cost of your health or well being. Always take care of yourself, otherwise you work for nothing. Your life is important don’t compromise on it, whatever you think is worth it cannot be done when you are no longer there.

9. Your happiness
Being happy is just as important as having a job. You should always try to surround yourself or do things that make you happy. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in situations that leave you sad or feeling bad about yourself. At the end of the day we work hard or do whatever we do to be happy at the end of the day. When you get that happiness never compromise on it.

10.Your emotions
Being emotional about things we value makes us human, it shows we still have something to believe in. Never put yourself in a position where you are forced to ignore your emotions. Listen to yourself.

In the words of Steven Fry- “compromise is a stalling between fools.”

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