Top 10 Fashion Items That Should Be In Every Guy’s Wardrobe

You’re probably always wondering what to wear, but looking for those perfectly matching colours and styles for every occasion seems to be such a hassle. We never actually stop and question ourselves on the basics of men’s fashion. What are men’s fashion must-haves anyhow? These nuts and bolts of men’s fashion are the foundation of your everyday wear, and they’ll keep you looking good and bail you out whenever you lack inspiration. the following are 10 fashion staples every man must have in his closet.


1. A White Oxford Cloth Shirt

men white shirt

It’s one of the most versatile shirt you’ll ever buy as it’s easy to dress up with some formal trousers and a blazer but works equally as well dishevelled and rumpled with a pair of jeans. For maximum versatility, try and get one that is long enough to stay in your trousers but still short enough to look good when untucked.


2. Slim Dark Jeans

men slim dark jeans

The reason they should be slim (but not skinny) is so they can be worn with a blazer but still look great with a pair of loafers or lace ups. They can be dressed up or down and will go with anything you get your hands on; but you must remember to do your homework! Try on as many pairs as you can and then get the best pair tailored to perfection.


3. A Dark Solid Tie

mens dark tie

It should be simple and neutral enough to go with all the suits, jumpers and shirts you can throw at it. Navy, grey or black are ideal. Again, keep it slim but not skinny, and try not to go more than 5cm at its widest point. If you can, opt for one with a bit of texture (like wool or a silk knit) in order to add a bit of detail to an otherwise very simple and versatile piece.


4. A Navy Blazer

mens navy blazer

When asked for advice from my guy friends I normally would suggest the purchase of a navy suit as it will work just as well separated as a whole piece. However, I appreciate not everyone has the budget for a whole suit and I would rather you spend the money on a quality blazer than an average suit. Try to make sure the fabric is dark enough that it can be worn in the evenings to clubs, bars or semi-formal events and throw it over anything to instantly smarten up your look.


5. A pair Of Grown Up Trainers

mens white sneakers

Something I cannot stress enough. Upgrade to something like Adidas Stan Smith’s, Chuck Taylors or Vans, keep them clean and you won’t go wrong.


6. Grey Crew Neck T-shirt

mens grey sweater

I really shouldn’t have to explain this one. Works great as a layering piece, because grey goes with every other colour under the sun. A crew neck also flatters nearly every face shape.This item will never look better than when it’s paired with the dark jeans and grown up trainers on a lazy Sunday morning.


7. A Black V-neck Jumper

mens vneck jumper

Again, another classic. One of the easiest and most elegant looks for a man to pull off is a pair of formal trousers, a white shirt and black v-neck jumper combination. It works well as a layering piece under a suit and even looks great with just a pair of jeans in those summer evenings.


8. Slim Neutral Chinos

mens chinos

Same rules as the jeans here guys. Go for something in beige, camel or olive for maximum versatility but grey or brown will work just as well. Try to make sure they are of the traditional formal variety rather than the denim wash versions that are out right now – it’s much easier to dress a smart pair of neutral chinos than the new styles mentioned above.


9. A Pair Of Black Lace-up Shoes

mens black brogues

Your go-to elegant dress up shoes right here. That is not to say they can’t be dressed down with a pair of jeans and a tee. I think it’s even better if they have no seams or brogue detailing as they could be worn with a tuxedo and would still look appropriate.


10. A Medium Grey Suit

mens grey suit

If there’s one thing you should spend some money on, it should be this one! It’s the most versatile suit you can own and you can use the jacket as another blazer and the trousers as another pair of formal trousers with the chinos. It can take you from your first interview all the way to your final address to the board – including all those weddings, funerals and clubs in between.


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