10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nandi Mngoma

Born and raised in the KZN the beautiful Nandi Mngoma has made watching Tv pleasant not just because she is beautiful but because she is multi talented. Not many people know Nandi Mngoma broke into the industry while she was still a teenager but this is what the just below is about. Have a look and learn more about her.

Nandi Mngoma

1. Her dad is a Doctor and her mom is a lawyer.

2. Nandi has a rural background as she was born in Maphumula in KZN.

3. As a young girl, she has always loved the arts. She did ballet, hip hop dancing, singing, modelling and pageants.

4. Nandi Ngoma broke into the industry at the age of 15.

5. Nandi only started dating after high school. Then dated a guy whom she’d always been best friends with.

6. Nandi studied media law though her first option was journalism.

7. Not only does she write and produce music, but she plays the piano.

8. Nandi Ngoma doesn’t like weaves. The only time she had a weave was when she was in Grade 10.

9. Noni Gasa inspires her fashion sense.

10. She looks up to Khanyi Dlomo and would like to have a fashion website in future.

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