10 Institutions Offering Extra Lessons For High School Students

Education is a solid foundation to a bright future. But educators can not always fully meet the needs of learners because they are not always with them. For this reason, most parents turn to institutions offering private lessons and extra classes to ensure that their children not only perform well in school, but also excel. Have a look at the list below for institutions that could help you become better at your studies.

1. Teach me too


Teach me too manages over a thousand of South Africa’s most talented tutors, backed up by their experienced support staff. In addition to servicing private individuals, they’ve been approached by businesses, schools, education trusts and even film companies, to manage tutoring programmes for all sorts of purposes.
Teach Me 2 was founded on the belief that one-on-one tutoring is the shortest distance to improved results in learning, for a number of well-documented reasons. It’s a belief that has rung true time and time again. But they also noticed a few unforeseen benefits to the tutor-learner relationship, such as accountability, mentorship and friendship. And they began to see that these personal dynamics often enriched the learning process indirectly by tackling deeper issues, like motivation and confidence, which are often at the heart of problems with learning. And so their big idea was that in order for tutoring to work best, they need to appoint tutors who don’t just know their stuff, but also know ‘people’. They need to have what it takes to inspire and grow the learners with whom they’re matched.

2. Master Maths


Master Maths is maths extra classes for grade 4 to 12 learners. Their system covers the entire South African curriculum with more than 149 centres across Southern Africa. Master Maths uses the unique M2 computer-based teaching system to illustrate maths principles interactively. Learners attend maths extra classes at one of their 149 centres. Our lessons use voice and animated images during tutoring sessions to encourage learner interaction. This method is ideal for illustrating concepts because modern learners are more visually inclined and relate effectively to computer graphics. The teaching content is written by experienced maths teachers, who convert the South African curriculum into a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format.

3. Hire Education

Hire Education

Hire Education is an education company based in Johannesburg, South Africa; founded in 2003. Their main focus has been 1-on-1 and group tutoring, but more recently they have broadened their vision and ideas of how they can help, on a larger scale, to provide affordable and accessible education to all South Africans. Tutoring to improve marks in specific subjects and clarify concepts for deeper understanding. Mentorship improves motivation. They have Math Tutors, Science Tutors, Afrikaans Tutors, Accounting Tutors, English Tutors and more. Gr 8 – Gr 12.

4. Katleho Pele Education

Katleho pele edu
Katleho Pele Education is an organisation which was founded by Mr Lebang Nong in 2006. The programme has tutored many students from different schools around Soweto and produced top students in Soweto in 2010 and 2011. The organisation continues to tutor learners in local township schools and producing the best results.

5. Kip McGrath Education

Kip McGrath Education Centers offer professional tutoring for primary, secondary and remedial education in: English, Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Mathematics and Afrikaans. The highly effective programme is designed to remediate any areas in which your child may be struggling, or to provide enrichment for those who wish to excel. These extra lessons are held in their centre, after school during weekdays and on Saturday mornings. Extension programs available include Little Learners, Get Ready for School, Intelligence Development, Study Skills, Essay Writing, English as a Second Language, and Kip Maths Expert.

6. Afrisun East Rand Trust

In an enterprising partnership sponsored by Carnival City and Afrisun Trust, students from disadvantaged high schools throughout Ekurhuleni can now get the personalised tutoring they need to pass maths and science. The three-year pilot programme is run by Brakpan High School and the Sci-Com Foundation. Aside from an R80 registration fee the programme is free, and all other costs will be covered by a Carnival City and Afrisun donation.

7. Closing the Gap Education

blue contact

CTG Education provides full and flexible programmes for every need and tutoring takes place individually or in groups of 2, 3 or 4 for most subjects. They have a range of experienced tutors and teachers who are based in the Centres, and their long experience with home schooling has made them a leader in this field. Their learning programmes are fully flexible and appropriate to the developmental age of children.

8. Education Matters

At Education Matters, individual attention and patience are key factors. Theirr tutors are all academic achievers and are totally focussed on assisting their students to a better understanding of the work they cover. They can quickly identify gaps in their student’s knowledge and remedy them, which effectively boosts the learner’s confidence. The learner starts to enjoy the subject and is motivated to put in more effort which leads to better results.

9. Bright Spark Tutors

Bright spark
To this day, Bright Spark Tutors continues to develop themselves to meet the changing needs of learners and parents. They focus their tutoring talents in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Bright Spark prides themselves in making sure their clients continue to have only top-quality tutors, and an efficient and personalised tutoring service. Their team of dedicated staff will strive to provide you with excellent service and a top-quality tutor, so that you have a top-class tutoring experience!


10. Help me learn

help me ;learn
Help Me Learn’s mission is to provide an excellent learning experience.—Tailored. Effective. Affordable.
They have started with an English offering geared to the expatriate community, and hope to add other languages and courses soon. Their specialist language teachers are able to offer private and group English lessons across a range of skill levels. Whether you simply want to improve your conversational language or you require a more structured approach to learning for study or business purposes, they have solutions that help you succeed in your education goals.

Mbali Radebe


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