90 Day Rule Advantages and Disadvantages

90 daysEvery girl who’s seen the movie “Think like a man” or read the book “Act like a lady think like a man” knows about the 90 day rule. However, we not really sure of how many have actually tried it. This is because peoples’ perceptions and understanding of it differs. So we broke it down for you so that you can make your own decision.







You never really know where you stand

Although sex is not the ultimate symbol of love, when a person withholds it form you in a relationship it may make you get ideas and create problems in your head that do not exist. Such as, they don’t find you attractive sexually.

Some guys are willing to wait while they try somewhere else

Some guys may pretend to be okay with it could be doing so because they are getting it elsewhere. It could put you in a position of being played. Careful now!!!

It encourages game playing

Because the rule was created by a comedian who wrote a book that made men feel like he gave away all their secrets, not all people take it seriously. To some people it all sounds like a game and looks as though you needed to follow a set of rules in a book before you could make a decision as a grown adult.

It treats sex as a service

After the 90 days, the sex that you eventually do give to your partner ends up looking like a reward. Sex should never be a service unless you’re getting paid for it.

It encourages the myth that women, who give it up early are loose

People are different and therefore have different emotions. What works for one person in their relationship, may not work for next person. In that light, girls who decide not to follow the rule are not slutty. They just trusted their own judgement and acted on it.

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It gives the indication that he’s really into you

If a guy is willing to follow the rule and wait for you earnestly without fooling around, then you know he’s in it to win your heart. There’s nothing better than a guy who is willing to compromise for a woman he loves.

Creates hope for a long term relationship

His dedication to respect your 90 day probation and his willingness to wait gives hope for the relationship.

You get to know each other without getting physical

Physical attraction is normally what starts a relationship, because a guy will approach you because of what they saw. It sometimes is the only reason why a person would approach you. If the person claims to want more than just physical pleasures from you, the 90 day rule can make that happen.

It’s worth the wait

It’s always worth the wait if the person who put you on the 90 day rule is a person you love. A lot can happen in 90days, including the development of strong feelings. Finally doing the deed would be the icing on the cake.

It causes you to make an informed decision

Having sex with a person is an important decision especially to women because they vest emotions into it. Making a guy wait for you will help you decide if you want him around that long. Nothing is worse than regretting your actions taken out of excitement that didn’t last that long anyway.



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