Fashion is what you make it

Fashion is subjective to one’s personal style and what one would wear and feel comfortable in. While others would prefer an everyday simple laid back look, another would prefer elegant classic look. There are various sources from where people draw their inspiration from, be it the internet, TV shows and or magazines. People walk into shops trying to pull together items to create a look that they saw somewhere. The most common muse is a celebrity because people can mostly identify with them and their styles base on the shapes of their bodies, their age or personality.

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Seasons play a huge role in what a person wears too; meaning the inspiration and style a person prefers would change from time to time. Fashion is what you make it, so pull together a few items and match them with a few accessories and a pair of shoes. If you like what you see in the mirror and you feel comfortable, rock it with confidence, nothing ruins an outfit like a person with low self-esteem. Trends are started by people who are not afraid to be themselves and be seen doing something new.

With seasons changing, people tend to think that their wardrobe now needs to be flipped from dresses and shorts to heavy items like coats and jeans. The two can be blended and made to look good in winter too. An example, wear your summer dress with a long sleeved top underneath to create a layered look. Pair it with tights and boots and a classic denim jacket, and you’re good to go. Jeans have no season so also use that to your advantage. Point is, make it your own and make your own rules.

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