If sleeping was a job, no one would need employment, for this sad reality, we need to be employed or to employ. Due to the complexities of humans though, not everyone fits into the mold of being an employee, some people were just made to employ and work for themselves. As much as “being your own boss” sounds empowering, it is not all who are cut out for the task. Very few strike the balance to between the two and often end up frustrated. The best option is to do something you know you can do well and something that you love, that way money will follow you.


Signs of a potential employer:

  • You are a self-starter: You are productive and no one needs to tell you what to do because half the time, you’re on top of it already.
  • You love what you do: It is important to do what you love, this way working never feels like work. It never feels like a burden to you and never gets boring because it is your passion.
  • You work better alone: Working with a team means you need to consider the input and guidance of others. Some people work better alone and are more productive.
  • You are disciplined: Working for yourself means that you set your own deadlines, but this also means that you need to be disciplined enough to stick to them. This shows that you take yourself seriously.
  • You are resourceful: A potential employer has the ability to make use of what they have and work their way up with it to achieve more.


Signs of a potential employee:

  • You take direction well: If you can take instructions and run with them performing them to the tee, then employment is for you. Instructions come from above, but the initiative and performance comes from below.
  • You like security: Most employees love the security that comes with having a job. Your pay at the end of the month is certain and other benefits are covered as well.
  • You are reserved: Some people don not mind being told what to do, reporting to duty and serving others. It is within their timid nature to be humble and reserved.
  • You follow routine well: Depending on your job, as an employee you would be required to report to the same office daily, to the same desk to perform the same duties.
  • You can take accountability: To be an employe you need to be reliable so that you can be trusted to do the job and also be able to take that accountability for mistakes that you may make.


Mbali Radebe

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