Learn to Love You

Good news is the way you look is perfect and inevitable. I hope you think and know so too. Now, let’s all get this, there’s nothing as irritating and burdensome like someone who does not appreciate themselves, someone who keeps hoping they looked that way and not this way. On another level it’s the highest insult to God who said “it is good” after having made you in His likeness. What does it then mean to be labelled good? It means after you were made nothing was missing, too much or liable to flaws.*smile*

The world has a ridiculous number of people hating on each other imagine how silly it would be if we added people like you who hate themselves.
You are probably thinking, “no actually I love myself it’s just that my nose needs some makeover”. Ping! What did you think hating self means?
Figure it out as I take you back to what Malcom X said: “You can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You cannot hate Africa and not hate yourself” Get it now? So it could be that issue that you have with your eyes, lips, hair, forehead, legs, fingers or even the voice.
Ever noticed that for some of you the very same thing you like the least about yourself is what other people like the most about you? It means there’s always been nothing wrong with it.

Frankly, if you don’t appreciate the way you look now, you certainly won’t appreciate it even when you are changed to the way you aspire now. Meaning it’s not about the way you look but it’s your mind. You have opened yourself to greed and an attitude of dissatisfaction than of gratitude. The day you fix your heart and mind you will realise the way you look is a perfect place to be at.

This is by no chance a psychological note but a challenge for you to learn to love yourself. And that’s if you don’t. A request to love the very essence of being you. Once you get there you will also realise it’s very easy to love someone who is in love with themselves. *Do the math*. And really until you learn to love yourself, you will realise there’s always been more to the way you look and it’s hidden in the way you see yourself.

SOURCE BY: Noxolo Phohleli – Moloatsi

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