Anglo American Blast Graduates Programme SA

3 Jobs, 2 Continents, 5 years. Anglo American’s BLAST* Programme gives exceptional, hard working South African students the chance to shine…around the world.

Do you:

Have an exceptionally strong academic record

Graduate at the end of 2014 with a four-year or post graduate degree in disciplines that are relevant to our business such as engineering, science, commerce, IT and other mining related disciplines?

Demonstrate strong leadership qualities?

Possess drive, ambition and a passion for new challenges?

Actively participate in campus and community life?

Want to work among the best people in the business?

You’re the exception. This is your chance to become exceptional. Through our BLAST* programme, you will have the opportunity of three different positions across two continents over a period of three to five years.

How to apply

Click Here to Apply now

Click here for more info

Closing date: 3rd August 2014

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